We are the leading manufacturers of Beauty herbal products for over 15 years. Our products are professionally blended with extracts from trees, shrubs and pro-known medicinal grass from the practical foretaste of Africa to heal, smoothen and curb all skin disorders.

Our Products are fully certified by all the statutory bodies in Uganda, for example Uganda Bureau of Standards (UNBS).

The word SAMONA is an acronym from SANYU MOVING SHOP AT NATETE which was a business first started by Salongo.The Company pioneered the research of application of herbal medicine into cosmetics and toiletries in Uganda. The Company initially started with the production of herbal soap and herbal jelly. Our success has only been possible because our operations have always been guided by ethical principles and a keen sense of responsibility to society as a whole.We are committed to putting and using all our knowledge, expertise and research resources to work for the well being and satisfaction of all our consumers around the world. Management Salongo Kasawuli Mukasa is the Chairman and Managing Director of Samona Products Ltd. Mr. Salongo, with his business acumen, has steered Samona from a small-scale cottage industry to a medium scale industry. He is supported by a team of highly skilled professionals.

Our Goals

  • To increase production and keep the standards/quality of our products, to meet world standards as prescribed by ISO 2002.
  • To create employment mainly for Ugandans and other people around the world directly or indirectly.
  • To bring foreign exchange as we export our products to several countries.
  • To serve the beauty and well-being of our consumers in all cultures throughout the world.
  • To remain the market leader in the production and distribution of Quality Herbal Products.