Pacify Hotel is an initiative of the Hospitality Division of Samona Group. The hotel offers combined traditional character with the addition of modern facilities in and comforts for guests. You are guaranteed of the peaceful surrounding for the leisure you have always desired, its ideal for a discerning guest.

The hotel offers warm and friendly service, well appointed and comfortable rooms, excellent wining and dining, with an enchanting garden, and panoramic views from the rooftop. The hotel is located along Natete Wakaliga Road, Kampala and is within easy reach of the city’s major attractions, and business centers, making it easy for our guests. Our restaurant serves both continental and African food.

Keeping the comfort of our guests in mind, we at the pacify guest house have always believed in improving our facilities. The hotel is being progressively redesigned and refurbished with additional facilities. In keeping with this, a whole new wing is being added for even a much more spacious and guest friendly.

Pacify Guest House is an ideal venue for conferences and meetings which are accommodated in the conservatory. With wonderful views, it’s a perfect location for inspiring fresh thoughts and better ideas. The hotel now accommodates between 50 to 70 people and is also well equipped with facilities for the gyme, sauna and aerobics for your relaxation. For more details, please email us at